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Volume Considerations

Co-Branded plastic cards require a minimum of 400 per order.

Co-Branded digital cards require a minimum of 100 per order.

Standard plastic cards require a minimum 200 per order.

Standard digital cards have no minimum volume requirement

Implementation fee starts at $69.90 per branch/user – once off

Shipping & freight are charged for seperately. 

All pricing excludes GST.

Digital vs Plastic

Whether you have never had a formal ID in place or have a fully integrated solution. It’s always good to reassess your needs, your functional requirements and evaluate whether it’s the right fit for you and your cardholders.

As a general rule and as preferred by many organisations. Unless you need a physical card to swipe using magstripe, scan using chip or your cardholders don’t have a smart phones, the digital ID solutions are by far the recommended option.

Top 3 reasons include:

  1. up to 80% quicker, more efficient issuing process.
  2. more than 50% cost reduction on physical cards, reprints, printer supplies and maintance.            
  3. data security, validity and accuracy is improved with digital cards. Updates or corrections can be instant, advanced security features within digital ID, ensuring only cardholders may use the ID and therefore the inablity to create duplicates.
Plastic is and will always be an option, and for schools or where functionality including magstripe or chip technology is required, a plastic card is of course the appropriate solution. SAVVY Youth & Student is able to provide recommendations on printers and suppliers to ensure you obtain the most competitive pricing for your hardware. Our solutions work with all printers, from label, direct to card, single sided or double sided cards, we have worked with them all, and our software is built to accomodate most if not all printing options.

System Integrations & Functionality

Integrations and Functionality, really is dictated by the following:

  1. what systems do you have in place already and do they need to connect to your ID solution
  2. do you have existing or new functionality requirements from your ID. Eg:
        • access control
        • attendance management
        • payment/billing applications

3. does your existing software/systems have or accept API’s

4. do you want to use the data from your ID solution in other ways or vice versa

5. do you want to increase the level of automation in the ID issuance & management  process

There are many reasons or functions you may have within your organisation that may require some integration or enhanced functionality. There may also be none at all, you simply want to issue ID’s as a stand alone process and this is absolutely fine.

Using our issuing software, we can easily support all of the above and more. You simply need to share your needs and processes for us to best advise on set up options and work involved.


Software & Issuing Systems

Unlike most other ID solutions. SAVVY Youth & Student provides their issuing software for FREE as part of the set-up. This means that there is NO other printing/issuing software that is required to issue your ID’s whether they are digital or plastic.

If you already use and have issuing software integrated, we can easily connect to that software should you wish to continue using it. 

The issuing software we provide, is highly advanced and used globally by over 2,400 secondary and tertiary institutions, all with their own unique needs and functionality, so we can confidentally say, it should meet your requirements too. However if not, we would be happy to work with you in tailoring a solution for your needs. 

Next Steps

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