Frequently Asked Questions

SAVVY Youth & Student Pty Ltd is a privately owned business, based in Queensland Australia. SAVVY is also very proud to be the appointed Exclusive Representative of the International Student, Youth and Teacher Identity Card products and brand (ISIC) in Australia and New Zealand. Through this appointment, SAVVY is truly able to support all ID Solutions at a global level and standard expectations. 

Absoluely not! All Plastic cards automtically come with a digital replica that can be accessed on any mobile, should your cardholder wish. However, if selecting Digital only, you then won’t be automatically issued with plastic as well. So, when considering the choice. If you select Plastic, you get the best of both.

No problem. For all student ID’s, SAVVY is able to offer any Digital ID holder the option to add on a Standard ISIC Plastic Card, at the cardholders own expense. Should your organisation like to have this option as a co-brand (exact replica of your Plastic), this is possible with ordering your own plastic stock for those adhoc orders. These can either be printed by your organisation or SAVVY and sent out to the student. Please contact us for any specific scenarios and we can discuss your options and pricing.  

No, SAVVY specialises in the ID solution itself. The Issuing, operational processes and the value the end product and process provides to your organisation and the end user (your cardholders). We work with some amazing partners that specialise in printers and supplies and we would be happy to provide our recommendations to you.

Absolutely. Let’s chat so we can understand how your organiation is set up, how you manage your student/member databases and processes. We offer a FREE  process ‘health check’ and can provide recommendations and options that would be suitable. At the end of the day, it really depends on what you’re wanting to achieve with your ID solution. For many organisations when they first launch an ID, it’s simply to have the ID, however we can build out a 1-3 year plan that slowly and progressively incorporates more functionality and integrations, allowing your systems and functions to work together better and more efficiently as you grow.

There are a few choices and we will provide you a solution that best fits your resource and budget available. Printing can take up a fair bit of resource. 

Generally we recommend making use of a direct to card printer type, as this is more secure, more efficient and provides a much nicer end result for your cardholders. The make and model will depend on your volumes and also printing requirements. (like printing both sides, manual vs automatic etc)

We refer to co-brand when you utilise the ISIC base product within your ID but also want to incorporate your brand and/or additonal elements into the design, making it unique and representative of your school, college or organisation.

If you have any other questions, not answered in our FAQ or would like to send another Enquiry.

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